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Monday, November 21st, 2011

Having a blast in Chicago at the ALAN conference! Got to hang out with the amazing Andrew Smith (THE MARBURY LENS, STICK) last night, as well as meet so many phenomenal teens who have started writing their own novels! Rock on!!! Also got to see the always fabulous A.S. King (EVERYBODY SEES THE ANTS). And went out for an OMG 10-course meal with a bunch of terrific people from Harcourt. (Seriously. 10 courses. It wasn’t dinner. It was art!)

Today I’ve been spending a lot of time with my personal superhero, Heather Brewer (Vlad! Joss! KAYA!!!), whose hair looks even MORE awesome than before. And I heard Andrew, as well as Cheryl Rainfield, Paul Yee, and Lauren Myracle on a terrific panel — then met Cheryl and hugged her fiercely, because she is That Awesome.

And Heather introduced me to Laurie Halse Anderson. I didn’t faint! I did babble about how much SPEAK meant to me. And I gave her an ARC of LOSS. OMG. FANGIRL SQUEE!!!

Tonight’s the big Anderson panel with Heather, Amy, David Levitan and a number of other authors. Can’t wait to go! And tomorrow is the breakout session with Heather and Amy. Rah!!!

Okay, okay. Back to writing! 🙂