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LOSS blog tour recap

Friday, March 30th, 2012

Well, it’s been a heck of a month! I want to thank all of the phenomenal bloggers who toured me and helped promote LOSS:

YA Highway
Chapter by Chapter
Book Nerds Across America
Confessions of a Bookaholic
Mundie Moms
League of Reluctant Adults
Lauren’s Crammed Bookshelf
Literary Escapism
Book Monsters
The Compulsive Reader
Diary of a Bookworm
Paperback Dolls
Books Make Me Happy
The Book Smugglers
Deadline Dames
I Swim for Oceans
Presenting Lenore
The Story Siren
A Backwards Story
The Book Faery
Wicked Awesome Books
Tynga’s Reviews
Bitten by Books
The Book Cellar

Thank you, awesome bloggers and blog visitors! I’ve had a blast on the LOSS blog tour, and I hope you have too.

NOTE: The LOSS cover poster giveaway is still going at some of the blogs — please check to see which ones. And remember: all commenters who win a LOSS cover poster are automatically entered into the grand prize drawing: one lucky person will get all three books — HUNGER, RAGE and LOSS — signed by me, as well as the opportunity to name a character in the fourth and final book in the Riders of the Apocalypse, BREATH. I plan on picking the grand prize winner this Sunday, April 1. (No foolin’!) So this is your last chance to comment on the LOSS blog tour (not here — I mean, sure, go ahead and comment here, if you want, but for a chance to win, it has to be at the participating blogger’s sites as part of the LOSS blog tour). Good luck! And thank you again for helping me celebrate LOSS.

LOSS Blog Tour

Monday, March 5th, 2012

[Image from the amazing MaryAnn at Chapter By Chapter!]

LOSS hits the shelves on March 20, 2012, and a terrific group of bloggers are participating in a book tour! Along with guest posts from me – each on a different topic – and a few interviews, many of the bloggers will also be posting reviews of LOSS (for better or for worse!). Check it out…including the giveaways and grand prize!

SCHEDULE OF LOSS BLOG TOUR STOPS: (links to be added when the tour arrives at the blog below)

March 5, 2012: Guest post at YA Highway
March 6, 2012: Review and guest post at Chapter by Chapter
March 7, 2012: Guest post at Book Nerds Across America
March 8, 2012: Interviewed by Total Bookaholic
March 9, 2012: Review and guest post at Mundie Moms
March 10, 2012: LOSS giveaway at the League of Reluctant Adults
March 12, 2012: Guest post at Lauren’s Crammed Bookshelf/podcast with Literary Escapism
March 14, 2012: Podcast posted at Literary Escapism
March 15, 2012: Review and guest post at Book Monsters
March 16, 2012: Guest post at The Compulsive Reader
March 17, 2012: Guest post and review at Diary of a Bookworm
March 18, 2012: Interviewed by Paperback Dolls
March 19, 2012: Guest post at Books Make Me Happy
March 20, 2012: Guest post and review at The Book Smugglers/Giveaway at the Deadline Dames
March 21, 2012: Review and guest post at I Swim for Oceans
March 22, 2012: Guest post at Presenting Lenore
March 23, 2012: Guest post at The Story Siren
March 24, 2012: Review and interview at A Backwards Story
MArch 25, 2012: Guest post at The Book Faery
March 26, 2012: Review and interview at Wicked Awesome Books
March 27, 2012: Review and interview at Tynga’s Reviews
March 28, 2012: Guest post and live Q&A at Bitten by Books
March 29, 2012: Review and guest post at The Book Cellar
March 30, 2012: Recap!

At each stop on the blog tour, I will be giving away a copy of a small poster of the LOSS cover (which is utterly gorgeous and once again designed by the amazing Sammy Yuen) to a random commenter.

PLUS!!! All poster winners will automatically be entered into the grand prize giveaway: signed copies of HUNGER, RAGE, and LOSS…**and** getting to name a character in BREATH! Grand prize winner to be picked on April 1, 2012. (No foolin’!)

Hope to see you on the blog tour!

RAGE Blog Tour: Book Smugglers and Presenting Lenore and RT

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

Hey there! Sorry I didn’t post yesterday; traveling from New York to California sort of messed me up, time-wise. I’m at the RT Booklovers Convention this week — today I will be moderating the 1 pm panel about worldbuilding in urban fantasy.

Yesterday, I guest posted at The Book Smugglers, and Ana shared her thoughts about RAGE.

Today, I should be guest blogging at Presenting Lenore (who, by the way, recently scored a phenomenal deal, so please congratulate her!).

Remember to comment so that you can be entered in the ginormous giveaway for a chance to receive HUNGER, RAGE, and some other goodies!

And now, it’s off to the hotel gym. Rah!

Wild And Crazy Fall – with contest

Monday, December 6th, 2010

A wild and crazy fall? No doubt. Man, I haven’t blogged in forever. I think doing all those wonderful blog tours in October (every day!) temporarily short-circuited my blogging urge. But I’m back! Rah! And now, it’s time to play catch up.

Back in October, I showed a picture of Brian and Jen reading HUNGER on the bus to the Rally for Sanity and/or Fear. Here are more pictures of people with copies of HUNGER:

Here’s Julie, showing off her copy. So glad you enjoyed it, Julie!

And here is Neil Gaiman — my god of writing — holding up the copy that I sent him. A huge thanks to his phenomenal mystery aide, Cat Mihos, for the amazing picture!

If you send me a picture of you holding a copy of HUNGER, I’ll put it up on my blog. 🙂

Now that HUNGER has officially launched, and I’ve gotten past the initial wave of OMG OMG OMG AAAAAAAAAAH, I’m focusing on writing LOSS (think bullying, Pestilence, Alzheimer’s…and Robin Hood. I swear, I’ll make it work!), and getting ready for RAGE to hit the shelves in four short months. (Gulp.)

Speaking of RAGE, I’m thrilled that it’s a Junior Library Guild selection for spring 2011! I’ll have an updated cover posted soon — it’s the same as what I currently have on my website, but shiner, and with a fantabulous cover quote from the ever-amazing Heather Brewer. Her quote says:

“RAGE is raw and real, a truly dark, honest look at self-harm and teenage psyche. Kessler left me breathless.”

Last month, That Cover Girl interviewed me and cover artist Sammy Yuen about HUNGER and RAGE. Sammy’s interview in particular is a terrific read. Thanks again, That Cover Girl!

New stuff: there’s a new Post Mortem interview posted: Death talks to Laurel from Amy Brecount White’s lovely FORGET-HER-NOTS.

Amberkatze interviewed me on her blog — thanks, Amber!

Over November, more terrific reviews of HUNGER came in, including:

Icey Books

Wondrous Reads

The Diary of a Bookworm

Marie Loves Books

A Simple Love of Reading

Silent T’s Book Blog

Renee’s Book Addiction

CK2s Kwips and Kritiques

My Favourite Books

I once again want to thank all of the folks who have been reading and reviewing HUNGER. You all rock out loud!

GIVEAWAY: Lauren’s Crammed Bookshelf has a terrific review of HUNGER…plus an ARC giveaway of the book! Thanks, Lauren!!!

On Wednesday, I’ll be over at The Book Smugglers for my Smugglivus post…which happens to also be my birthday, so there may be a RAGE ARC giveaway. Maybe. 🙂

Whew. Note to self: When I don’t blog for a month, there’s a lot of catch up to do!

HUNGER Crossroads Tour: Book Bound and Book Smugglers

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

And here we are at Day 4 of the Crossroads Tour, at Book Bound! Come on over, find out if I’m still drawing comics, then go to the Crossroads main page for today’s question.

And now, the Very Special interview: a tw0-part Post Mortem interview. Part 1, at The Book Smugglers, has Death interviewing me. Part 2, here on Post Mortem, is between Death and Lisabeth.

I have a Big Idea!

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

Today I do a Big Idea guest post at John Scalzi’s blog, Whatever. Yay!

And look: more HUNGER reviews!

Bitten By Books

The Book Smugglers

I really am grateful that so many terrific bloggers have taken the time to read and review HUNGER, or to give me the chance to do a guest post or an interview. Thank you all!

Later today, I expect my next Crossroads Tour stop over at Book Bound. And there will be a Very Special two-part Post Mortem interview, with part 1 at The Book Smugglers and part 2 over here on Post Mortem. Stay tuned!