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BREATH blog tour – April 15 – 19, 2013

Monday, April 15th, 2013

The BREATH Blog Tour is here! Stopping at:
4/15ย  Books Make Me Happy – guest post on music and the book

4/16 The StoryMen – video interview (had a TON of fun) and a Deadline Dames giveaway

4/17 Chapter by Chapter – review and Top Three Favorites

4/18 A Backwards Story – interview

4/19 Book Smugglers – guest post on influences for the book

There’s a blog tour giveaway of a set of all four books, plus cover posters – so be sure to comment for a chance to win! (And, you know, maybe also read the guest posts and stuff.) I’ll add the links as the posts go live. ๐Ÿ™‚

BREATH officially hits the shelves tomorrow!!! **throws confetti**

April updates

Friday, April 5th, 2013

April already? Yow.

Okay, BREATH winners, I know you’ve heard this song before — but the books/posters are **finally** going out today, really really. Sorry for the delay. Hope it was worth the wait.

The event on Wednesday was terrific — thank you to everyone who attended! I’m waiting for the final count, but it looks like we raised almost $300 for the Shen/Shaker sports scholarship in memory of Chris Stewart and Deanna Rivers. Thank you again, everyone!

I’ll be doing a reading/signing/talk at Flights of Fantasy on Tuesday, April 16, starting at 7 pm. And since this is the date that BREATH officially launches, you better believe there will be copies there for purchase. ๐Ÿ™‚

Also on Tuesday April 16, I will be speaking at Albany High School. My books will be there for purchase, too, so yowza!

And the week of April 15 through April 19, I will be doing a BREATH blog tour. There may be a giveaway involved. Details to follow!

Skipping ahead to May, I’ll be at the RT Booklovers Convention in Kansas City, from Wednesday May 1 until Sunday, May 5. I’ll be on a panel or two, and will do a speed reading, and will be at the ginormous book fare that Saturday. Hope to see you there!

Finally, I’ll be off the interwebz until April 13 — because the revision of TO BEAR AN IRON KEY is due Friday, April 12. ๐Ÿ™‚

That’s all, folks!

Breath winners – update

Saturday, March 30th, 2013

Okay, so I didn’t exactly mail stuff last week. Sorry. I get easily distracted.

But everything will go out on Monday.

Unless I get distracted. But I won’t. Because I will stay focused. Really.

…oh, look: Bunnies!!!

Breath winners!

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

And without further ado, here are the five winners!

Janine: I think I would have to go with the biggie, death!

Poppy A.: I would be War for sure!

Caroline: I think Iโ€™d be pestilence. I definitely enjoy conquering things.

Stina: I wouldnโ€™t really enjoy any of the jobs, but I think Iโ€™d be Famine.

Tiffany: I would absolutely be Death, it would be so cool! And whoever has read the Alex Craft books by Kalayna Price would also agree that being Death is damn sexy!!!


Congratulations to all the winners! TO GET YOUR COPY, you must email me via the contact form here on my website with your postal address. (Name too, please!) Please email me by this Friday, March 22, 2013, by 6 pm Eastern — if I don’t hear from you by that time, you’ll be disqualified. And no one wants that!

Consolation giveaways to everyone who entered: If you’d like a poster — either one of the four book covers, or a cover compilation poster — email me via the contact form here on my website with your postal addy. ๐Ÿ™‚

Many thanks to everyone who entered! I hope you enjoy BREATH. (And if you do, I hope you’ll let everyone know!)


Psst. Want a copy of BREATH?

Monday, March 18th, 2013

Author copies of BREATH are here!!! **throws confetti***

The thing is, I’ve already read the book! So I’m thinking it’s time to give some of these away!!!

Specifically, I will give away 5 copies of BREATH. (That is, 1 copy to 5 different folks. Because who really wants 5 copies of the same book?)

And I’ll even throw in some Riders of the Apocalypse cover posters! ๐Ÿ™‚

The giveaway is open to…oh, everyone. Around the world. Because I love shipping things around the world! (I can pretend I’m well-traveled that way.)

But…because you shouldn’t get something for nothing…I request that anyone who gets a free copy of BREATH please post an honest review of the book. Ideally, you’ll love it and think it’s the best thing you’ve ever read. But even if the book doesn’t work for you, I’ll still respect you. ๐Ÿ™‚ Please post an honest review. (Ideally, before April 16, 2013, when BREATH officially hits the shelves.)

All you have to do to enter is comment below and tell me which Rider of the Apocalypse you’d like to be. (If you don’t pick a Rider — Famine, War, Pestilence/The Conqueror, Death — or a Rider’s color — Black, Red, White, Pale — you won’t be entered. So please do pick a Rider!)

The giveaway is open from RIGHT NOW until noon (Eastern) Wednesday, March 20, 2013 — springtime, rah! On Wednesday afternoon, I will randomly pick 5 winners (via a random number generator). The winners will be announced by 6 pm Wednesday evening, on my blog, and they will have 48 hours to contact me with their mailing info. (If by 6 pm Friday I haven’t heard from a winner, that person, sadly, will be disqualified and I’ll pick a random runner-up.)

Ready? GO!!!


Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

Happy Halloween! All the candy has been given away, so now it’s time for me to announce the winners of the two giveaways.

First, for the Authors Against Bullying giveaway…since there were five entries and four books, I’ve decided to throw in an extra book so everyone wins! I’m giving away, signed from me, HUNGER and RAGE, and signed from A.S. King, PLEASE IGNORE VERA DIETZ and EVERYBODY SEES THE ANTS. The winners are:

Michelle M. Pillow


YA Book Queen

Sara M


Winners, please email me via my website contact form, and let me know which of the four books you want, in order of preference, as well as your mailing address. I’ll email you back to confirm your address and to let you know which book you’ll be getting. ๐Ÿ™‚

And for the VELVETEEN contest, the winner is…

Naomi Clark

Congratulations!!! Naomi, please email me via my website contact form with your mailing address. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you to everyone for participating! I promise there will be more giveaways in the near future. Stay tuned!

Day 3 of the Crossroads Blog Tour of 2012

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

Today I visit Confessions of a Bookaholic for day 3 of the Crossroads Blog Tour of 2012! You can find out a little about BREATH, and learn five things about me that you may not have known. ๐Ÿ™‚

Meanwhile, I’m still reading Daniel Marks’ Velveteen, and I’m enjoying it hugely. I’ve never seen the afterword like this!

I’m also working on converting one manuscript from third person to first person. It’s a labor of love.

Don’t forget that comments are still open on the Authors Against Bullying post, for a chance to win signed books from me and A.S. King, who’s one of my favorite authors, and on the Velveteen giveaway post. Even if you already commented, please make sure it’s there – I had massive spam issues, but thanks to my awesome web guru, I have a new spam-b-gone in place. (As much as I like playing whack-a-mole, it gets tiring when there are more than 41,000 moles.)

Welcome to the Crossroads Blog Tour of 2012!

Sunday, October 21st, 2012

Hooray! Today kicks off the 2012 Crossroads Blog Tour! Starting today until October 28, 13 authors are touring eight blogs. Lots of interviews! Tons of books! And an AWESOME grand prize!!!

How awesome?

How about a Kindle? With 13 books pre-loaded onto it?

I know, right???

For more information on how the tour works, check out Judith Graves’ site here.

Here’s the list of authors participating (taken from Judith’s site – seriously, check it out for all the info!):


Judith Graves โ€“ Leap Books โ€“ย Under My Skin, Second Skin, Skin of My Teeth, Killerโ€™s Instinct

Joy Preble โ€“ Sourcebooks โ€“ย Dreaming Anastasia, Haunted, Anastasia Forever. Soho Press (forthcoming May 2013) โ€“ The Sweet Dead Life

Stacey Kade โ€“ Hyperion โ€“ย The Ghost and the Goth, Queen of the Dead, Body & Soul

Amanda Ashby โ€“ Speak โ€“ You Had Me at Halo,ย Zombie Queen of Newbury High, Fairy Bad Day, Demonosity

Lucienne Diver โ€“ Flux โ€“ย Vamped, Revamped, Fangtasic, Fangtabulous

Kiki Hamilton โ€“ Teen / Macmillian โ€“ย The Faerie Ring, The Torn Wing

Jackie Morse Kessler โ€“ Harcourt Graphia โ€“ย Hunger, Rage, Loss

Christine Fonseca โ€“ Compass Press โ€“ Transcend, Libera Me

Carrie Harris โ€“ Delacorte Books for Young Readersย –Taste In Boys, Bad Hair Day

Dawn Dalton โ€“ Leap Books –ย SPIRITED Anthology, Killerโ€™s Instinct

Leanna Renee Hieber – Sourcebooks โ€“ Darker Still (Magic Most Foul, #1), The Twisted Tragedy of Miss Natalie Stewart (Magic Most Foul, #2)

Ty Drago – Sourcebooks โ€“ The Undertakers: Rise of the Corpses, The Undertakers: Queen of the Dead

Janet Fox โ€“ Speak โ€“ Faithful, Forgiven, Sirens


For Day 1, Judith Graves and I visit A Simple Love of Reading! This one’s all about Halloween. Check it out! And remember to visit the main Crossroads Blog Tour page for information on how to participate – who wouldn’t want a free Kindle with 13 e-books pre-loaded? ๐Ÿ™‚

Giveaway: VELVETEEN by Daniel Marks

Saturday, October 20th, 2012

Velveteen by Daniel Marks

I’ve been reading a lot of books lately. I mean a lot. I’ve been reading about magicians and artists, about teens caught up in murder and revenge, about regular people struggling to live their lives and about extraordinary people fighting for what they want. Tons of books. I adore books.

Right now, I’m reading VELVETEEN by the talented Daniel Marks. It’s his debut YA novel — and if you like your paranormal YA dark and with attitude, this is absolutely the novel for you! Velvet is angry, with reason (she’s dead, and that’s no picnic — that’s also not a spoiler; the book opens with her already dead). But that anger may be the very thing that destroys everything around her. Really double-plus ungood, when you’re in Purgatory and everything is already half-crumbling. Will her hunger for revenge upon the serial killer who took her life bring about the annihilation of her afterlife?

I’m seriously enjoying this book. (And I want the dress the female cover model is wearing.)

I happen to have an extra copy of VELVETEEN right here. It’s a beautiful hardcover. And it could be yours! All you have to do is comment below and tell me what book you’ve been reading lately (or looking forward to). Comments are open until midnight, October 30, 2012. And the giveaway is open worldwide. (Yeah, I know, I rock. You can tell me so. My ego needs the boost.)

Also open: yesterday’s giveaway of my books, RAGE and LOSS, and two books by the amazing A.S. King: PLEASE IGNORE VERA DIETZ and EVERYBODY SEES THE ANTS. A.S. King, along with being a good friend, is also one of the few authors on my auto-buy list. I’ve been fascinated by her work ever since I read THE DUST OF 100 DOGS, and she gets more talented with every book. I have her latest, ASK THE PASSENGERS, which I’m going to dive into as soon as I’m done with VELVETEEN. Yesterday’s Authors Against Bullying giveaway is also open worldwide, until midnight, October 30, 2012.

Happy reading!

LOSS blog tour recap

Friday, March 30th, 2012

Well, it’s been a heck of a month! I want to thank all of the phenomenal bloggers who toured me and helped promote LOSS:

YA Highway
Chapter by Chapter
Book Nerds Across America
Confessions of a Bookaholic
Mundie Moms
League of Reluctant Adults
Laurenโ€™s Crammed Bookshelf
Literary Escapism
Book Monsters
The Compulsive Reader
Diary of a Bookworm
Paperback Dolls
Books Make Me Happy
The Book Smugglers
Deadline Dames
I Swim for Oceans
Presenting Lenore
The Story Siren
A Backwards Story
The Book Faery
Wicked Awesome Books
Tyngaโ€™s Reviews
Bitten by Books
The Book Cellar

Thank you, awesome bloggers and blog visitors! I’ve had a blast on the LOSS blog tour, and I hope you have too.

NOTE: The LOSS cover poster giveaway is still going at some of the blogs — please check to see which ones. And remember: all commenters who win a LOSS cover poster are automatically entered into the grand prize drawing: one lucky person will get all three books — HUNGER, RAGE and LOSS — signed by me, as well as the opportunity to name a character in the fourth and final book in the Riders of the Apocalypse, BREATH. I plan on picking the grand prize winner this Sunday, April 1. (No foolin’!) So this is your last chance to comment on the LOSS blog tour (not here — I mean, sure, go ahead and comment here, if you want, but for a chance to win, it has to be at the participating blogger’s sites as part of the LOSS blog tour). Good luck! And thank you again for helping me celebrate LOSS.