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HUNGER Crossroads Tour: Updates

Yow. Sorry I haven’t blogged in a few days. Just had to step away and deal with Real Life Things. Go figure!

So the Crossroads Tour has been steadily working toward its Halloween finale.

Here’s where I’ve visited since I last blogged:

First, The Book Swarm, where Mary asks me awesome questions. She also reviewed HUNGER, huzzah! And she links to my two-part Death interview at The Book Smugglers. I’m definitely <3ing Mary! 🙂

(Also on Book Swarm is a FABULOUS review of EIGHTH GRADE BITES, written by the lovely and talented Heather Brewer. Rah, Book Swarm!)

Next was Kid Lit Frenzy! Aly asked me terrific questions about the paranormal and horror influences. Whee! And she **also** linked to the Book Smugglers interview! Thanks, Aly! I <3 you too!

And today, I’m visiting Narratively Speaking. Thank you, Lynsey!

Okay, so by now you know the drill – visit the main Crossroads Tour page, get the questions, read the blog posts, and collect all 16 answers by the end of the tour, on Halloween. There will be prizes!!!


And look: more HUNGER reviews!

Book Hooked Blog

Novel Reaction

Writer Musings – As Tabitha says in her review, HUNGER focuses on eating disorders, and far less on the Horseman of the Apocalypse aspect. But for those who are (sorry) hungry for more about the Horsemen, each book reveals a little more. The final book in the quartet, BREATH, is Death’s book…and because he’s the original Pale Rider, he’s got a lot to share. 🙂

Once again, thank you to everyone who has been reviewing HUNGER!

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  1. Thanks for visiting The Book Swarm and for the shout-out! Loved having you over. Can’t wait to read RAGE–and get myself a physical copy of HUNGER (Kindle’s great and all but I love physical books (plus, with an awesome cover like that, I have to get it!!).

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