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More about HUNGER in new interview

Sunday, June 20th, 2010

So you probably know I have an alter ego as Jackie Kessler, novelist for adults. I had the opportunity to chat with Jackie Morgan from Literary Escapism during the RT 2010 convention, and during the interview I talked a lot about HUNGER and the world of the Riders’ Quartet. (Yeah, that’s what I’m calling the Horsemen books. I like it. Has a nice ring to it.)

We talked about my adult series too, and why I went with a slightly different name for my young adult books. But I thought you might be interested in reading more about HUNGER and the Riders. And hey, if you’re into superheroes, my second superhero novel, SHADES OF GRAY (coauthored with Caitlin Kittredge), hits the shelves Tuesday, June 22, 2010 here in the US and in Canada. SHADES OF GRAY, like the first book, BLACK AND WHITE, is dystopian. Think Frank Miller’s THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, or Alan Moore’s WATCHMEN, or Neil Gaiman’s SANDMAN.

The interview is here.

If you want to preorder HUNGER, you can do that here, here and here (among other places).

If you want to preorder SHADES OF GRAY, you can do that here, here and here (ditto the among other places).

And another interview, this one talking more about SHADES OF GRAY, is here.

Both interviews have contests to win a copy of the first superhero book, BLACK AND WHITE. 🙂

News about the Horsemen!

Saturday, June 5th, 2010

Publishers Marketplace has officially announced what I learned last week:

Italian rights to HUNGER and RAGE sold to Newton Compton in a four-book deal!

Yes, this means I’m working on books three and four of the Riders’ Quartet. Working on Book Three right now. The working title is LOSS, and this time, the Horseman is Pestilence.

Rock on!

Psst. Want an ARC of HUNGER?

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

The wonderful Eleni at la femme readers received two advance reading copies of HUNGER…so she’s giving one away! This is your chance to receive a copy of the book months before it hits the shelves in October.

To find out how to enter the contest, read this blog post.